And from Darkness, Light


Woo-woo and geeky cosmology mash-up warning. :)

Yeah, I love putting the woo-woo weft into the cosmic fabric’s warp. That’s just the way it looks to me.

Great pic, yes? My friend TJ Phillips of Believe in the Moment (very inspirational lady), has been helping me choose cosmology photos for my tarot deck and sent me this artist’s rendition of a black hole (courtesy of NASA).

Trying to figure out how to use something like this one for a Tarot card. Funny thing is, in human archetype-world, there’s no such thing as a challenge that sucks you into oblivion and can’t then be reborn or recovered from. Humans are very hopeful creatures as a rule. The idea of something that sucks everything in and flattens it like a pancake to go round and round in the darkness “forever” just doesn’t seem to jibe with human experience.

We humans have a pattern of bright joys followed by dark sorrows, but the weird thing is that even in the midst of our darkest inner black holes, outside the window of our grief, the stubborn sun refuses to stop shining, the grass refuses to stop growing, the trees refuse to stop blooming in spring. Resurrection of life (but not necessarily restoration of the old) seems to be the norm.

Yes, our losses in a lifetime (and life on Earth can be seen as a series of losses and our responses to them) seem permanent, and for this lifetime, they may very well be. That’s symbolized by the Death card in the Tarot (the version for my upcoming deck below).


The essence, the atoms, the quarks, the DNA for the next birth even, goes on in a different form, no matter what. You are never alone, for the essence of the universe constantly hugs you one way or another. All that “happens” in the cosmos is constant change of form. So, just because it doesn’t look like it did last week, last month or a million years ago, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in some form.

Even with black holes, there are mitigating circumstances, Stephen Hawking’s latest seems to be that the information about stuff in a black hole is not actually lost but spread out at the edge. Haven’t been to a black hole, at least in this incarnation, so I don’t know. It may be, then, that black holes don’t suck; they stretch things. ;)

The coolest thing about these black holes, though, is that their destructive gravitational “sucking” properties are the same ones that create structures around them at a safe distance like galaxies, which provide homes for stars, planets, and life. The bright center in the galaxy below shows where the super massive black hole is. Weird, huh?

The ultimate cosmic irony is that the darkness supports the light.

Yeah, go think about that one for awhile. :)


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    wow…you will send me thinking for a bit on that darkness and light thought…
    and not challenge we cant be reborn from as well…

    hey you…
    its been a while…smiles.

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      I know I’ve been away from the verses, but I’m keeping my subscriptions to you and Claudia and Tash and Shay and dipping in when I can.

      Currently expanding businesses and working mostly seven-day weeks. Love the new structure for dVerse, BTW.

      And the cat thing from your poem: priceless memories, man. :)

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    Love it!! “We humans have a pattern of bright joys followed by dark sorrows” This is the struggle…is it not? Thank you for all your doing Joanne! Ja-lene