Metaphysics of Dark Energy


It’s sci-fi woo-woo time! If you’re not into it, check out the other categories in the top menu! “Let there be…darkness! And let it bind and expand the fabric of space-time and connect all matter as it cools.” Sometimes my posts will be very grounded, but ultimately, you are just a collection of quantum particles […]

Spiritual Laws of Success: Potentiality


Laws? What kinds of laws are spiritual laws? Well, in the case of Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (of course he had to use the sacred number seven of introspection and depth contemplation), it’s not about the kind of “you should” laws that groups of humans make up to keep societies from turning […]

Poetry Corner—Feathered Friends

Could be birdsong…what for? I only hear, I don’t understand. Say it again, please. “This is mine, you can’t have it!”? I get it. Your tree, your branch. You needn’t be so insistent. “I’m hungry…NOW!” Must be young ones hanging in the vine pot on the front porch. Silence reigns as I brush past their […]

The Hermit’s Path—Spiritual Independence


OK, I’ll raise my hand. Spiritual independent would describe me pretty well. How about you? I’m more spiritually eclectic than anything else, though. Comes from my love of all things mythological since childhood. I must have read D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths about fifteen times since I was ten, along with a number of other books on mythology and religion, […]

The Hermit’s Path—Dad Stories


I used to have this set of pajamas (very clear in my mind right now, look and texture of the flannel) that had “Daddy’s Girl” emblazoned across the chest. Yep, that’s me. I’m the oldest of four (girl-boy-girl-boy), and early on I identified strongly with my outgoing, intellectual dad. He gathered information and experience omnivorously and can […]