Welcome Aboard!

gravity fabric-earthWelcome aboard starship Earth! Ah, perhaps you were not aware that you were on a starship. Yep. We follow the Sun from here on Earth, and the Sun is on its own galactic journey around the supermassive black hole that keeps our Milky Way galaxy spinning. Fortunately, gravity keeps us stable here so we don’t have to adjust ourselves to the movements of our solar system through space. Nice job, gravity! :)

My goal is to help you see your own star stuff and make it shine in just the part of the spectrum that brings you happiness and joy and helps you to pass through the “darker” challenges that await you or have dimmed your light to this point. I consider this site to be my “ship’s bridge” or control room for inspired living. On my blog, you’ll see inspirational images and my own words (both prose and poetry). I also review inspirational books, provide some insight into making oneself visible in the digital channel (my geek side) and link to interesting articles related to my posts. These are my threads from the cosmic fabric.

If you’d like me to give you the space to be your own star…

Let’s share a cosmic whisper and talk about your dreams. Go here to get started! Or, we can connect through the cards with a reading, here.

It’s all energy, in the beginning and the end. :)


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